The Red Sox just continue to lose, dropping to 8.5 back of the second wild card spot.

The Red Sox were well on their way to their 3rd straight loss, as Eduardo Rodriguez would surrender 5 runs on 2 homers in the first 3 innings. They wouldn’t go down easy, however, as JD Martinez would launch one to left for his 28th bomb of the season, followed by a Brock Holt 2 out RBI double, and a Jackie Bradley Jr. home run in the 7th, which would be his 13th long ball of the year, making the score 5-4.

Although Erod didn’t have a good game, as it was the 4th time in the last 5 games where a Red Sox starter failed to record a quality start, he did end up going 6 innings which was something Alex Cora needed very much from the big lefty. With a very used up bullpen within the last couple days, they needed Eduardo to go at least semi deep into the ballgame, and he did even though he had a rough start. So credit him for that.

Like I had explained up above, the Red Sox were able to battle back and not only just make it a one run game headed to the ninth, but were able to tie the game in the ninth with a 2 out RBI double by none other than Xander Bogaerts, the Red Sox MVP in 2019. When Erod gave up that 3 run shot in the 3rd to make it 5-1 Indians, my first thought of course was that game was all but over for this struggling Boston squad. It didn’t take long before I realized that the game wasn’t in fact over. Not because of the obvious fact that it was only the third inning, but the fact that this team has fight in them, and they showed that on Monday night.

However, in classic 2019 Red Sox fashion, it didn’t take long for Cleveland to walk it off in the bottom half of the inning. As Marcus Walden gave up that long ball to Carlos Santana, who has a had an outstanding 2019 campaign, I wasn’t shocked. I remember thinking before Bogaerts tied it in the ninth, I knew we had to take the lead instead of just tying the game in order to actually win the game.

I knew going into the bottom of the ninth we were toast because we only tied the game. I was so confident in us losing. And we did. How sad is that? Its what we’ve come to this season, as this team is so predictable in a bad way. After taking the first 2 games in the Angels season when Sale dominated and the offense scored 16 runs the next night, I was more than confident we were going to lose the next 2, and we did. Thats how the 2019 Red Sox have been running the whole season, as they can’t go on a hot stretch to save their lives.

In 2018, this team was incredibly predictable in a good way. If we were playing the Orioles, Blue Jays, or some team with a below .500 record, or even a record that was good but just not quite as good as ours, you knew they were going to win. And they did. 95% of the time it felt like. We beat the teams we were supposed to beat. Thats the biggest difference between this year and last year. Well, the pitching is a big difference as well.

According to Fangraphs, the Red Sox are ranked 12th in all of baseball in pitching. They rank 21st in the majors in starter ERA (5.11), and 15th in the majors in reliever ERA, although the bullpen hasn’t been as bad as advertised. Not that it’s been that great, but the rotation has been worse.

So here we are, 8.5 games back of Tampa for the second wild card spot, fading out of contention fast, if not fully already. Chris Sale will take the mound on Tuesday night against Mike Clevinger. Time to go on a run. Don’t let us win tonight. Am I being too hopeful? Maybe. Just win some games, guys. Make it so September can be interesting. Thats all I ask.

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